March 6 ~ Drill Day ~ Von Steuben House, River Edge NJ  3rd

March 13, 14, 20,21, 27,28 ~Virtual SOI

April 10th ~ Annual Meeting 3rd (in person) 

May 15th  ~ Garretson Forge and Farm Restoration, Fair Lawn, NJ 10-4pm

May 15th  ~ Regimental Shoot 3rd  

June 26th ~Regimental Shoot   

July 17th ~Regimental Shoot   

Aug 7th  ~ Regimental Shoot     

TBD ~ Oct   First Presbyterian Church Elizabeth NJ

TBD ~ Oct    Cannonball House Springfield NJ

Sept. 17-19 ~ Siege of Fort Niagara  NY BB, BAR, CL

Nov 20-21 ~ Annv. of the Retreat to Victory, FLHP, Fort Lee, NJ. BAR

Schedule 2021

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musket outline_edited.png

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic all events are subject to change